Guiseley Parkinsons Park – Re-Generation work has Started !

To all the Friends of Parkinsons Park and people of Guiseley

Park Re-Generation Work Starts Today

After many meetings and discussions it is with great pleasure that we are able to say that re-generation work on the Park started today. Paul O’Brian and Andrew Wilson from Pudsey Landscapes were on hand to meet some of the Friends: Barbera Winfield, Chris Parapia, David Myers, Josie Brooks and Andy Cheetham. Over the coming weeks the Friends will be meeting with Pudsey Landscapes on a daily basis to provide support and guidance as the work commences. Already as I write I can see pathways being opened up and new green spaces emerging. It is very exciting to at last see some movement and thanks to all those involved so far. Please do contact the friends if you would like to become involved by emailing us at and help us shape this beautiful green space for now and generations to come.

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  1. Hi Parkinsons park trusties today I was making a bog garden
    with Open Country . We dug out all the soil and then put
    something in the bottom to keep the weeds away . I liked doing it but I get rarther tiered
    very quickly . Thank you for a lovely day . Bernie .

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