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Walking the dog beats going to the Gym

Dear Reader Did you know that in a recent survey sponsored by leading pet experts Bob Martin, it was discovered that the average dog walker spends more time excercising than the average gym user! If you sum up all the … Continue reading

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Appeal – Can You Remember Way Back When?

At the top of the Park is an area we have called the ‘sheepfold’ entrance (although, in truth, waller Martyn Hornsby-Smith tells us the walls are probably too low for that).  On old maps it looks like a triangular walled … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Winter

While many species are looking for places to bed down for the winter for some it’s a very busy season.  Many species are looking for a mate at this time of year and a key way of doing this is … Continue reading

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Welcome Mr Toad (and hopefully Mrs Tiggywinkle)!

Although the park is getting a much needed overhaul some local residents may not be quite so pleased with the changes.  I am referring to the users of the park who often go unnoticed, but are, nevertheless, a vital part of … Continue reading

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Day 5 – Respecting Blackberry Folklore

In a wind, cold enough to slice your ears off; rainbows one minute, and scudding clouds across a ‘Middle-earth’ sky the next, Ady Stokes, from Pudsey Landscaping has been ‘respectfully’ scalloping the bramble patch in the north of the park … Continue reading

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Day 4 – Opening up the views

A beautiful snowy scene greeted Pudsey landscapers this morning.   A light covering had landed overnight but it didn’t stop work.  A visit mid morning revealed quite a change as the removal of the willowherb near the top copse was … Continue reading

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What Are The Plans?

What are the plans for the Park?  A fair question, put by Sheila Sykes and Brian Richardson yesterday.   The Friends of Parkinson’s Park (FOPP) want to regenerate the Park as a 21st century asset, to an expanding Guiseley very short … Continue reading

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