Day 2 – Great Interest

Peter and Ken, Pudsey Landscapes

Day 2 of the regeneration; Peter Stell and Ken Newsholme from Pudsey Landscaping,  are hard at work with their strimmers – not quite as picturesque, maybe, as the large scythes that used to be used for such a job !!   The first task is cutting down the clumpy grass,  a feature of land used by ‘many dogs’,  clearing the entrances,  and making the paths wider and more visible, so they don’t turn into muddy tracks with the wetter weather.

Mowing Clover - Two Men with Scythes, Gunning King *

There has been a great deal of interest in what is going on, Peter tells us, and lots of folk have stopped to chat.  People are thrilled that the Park is returning to it’s former glory,  and many have stories to tell of what they used to do there;  as we’ve already found.  We’ve asked Peter and Ken to ask people to put their stories on the site in the Your Stories of the Park section – it’s turning into one of the most popular pages.   You might also like to look at the pages on the ecology, the geology (the link with the Airedale Glacier), and the history of how this came to be a people’s Park.

David Myers, has been filming it all for ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ !!

(*Mowing Clover poster available from

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