Welcome Mr Toad (and hopefully Mrs Tiggywinkle)!

Mr Toad Moves Home !!

Although the park is getting a much needed overhaul some local residents may not be quite so pleased with the changes.  I am referring to the users of the park who often go unnoticed, but are, nevertheless, a vital part of the area.  Although not always evident, the fields are used by a wide range of animals, many of which are now looking for their winter resting places.  We have made sure we take this into account,  by factoring it into our management plan and ensuring that when we take something away, we put something back in return; so hopefully no animals will be adversely affected.

A warty surprise!

A close encounter with a very warty toad exploring the new compost piles in the top copse is an example of how wildlife will, if given the chance, adapt to changes in its environment.  It may well have been sheltering in the willowherb or bramble nearby which has been cut back. Or may just have decided that the compost piles looked more cosy than its previous abode.  They are certainly a more welcome feature than the anti-social behaviour seen within the copses in the past!!  These warm, sheltered mounds will attract reptiles and small mammals including the rapidly declining hedgehog, and provide a much needed safe and undisturbed resting place.

Kite flying!

Peter, from Pudsey landscapes, was lucky enough to witness a red kite flying over the park which appeared to be checking it out as a potential territory.  We will ask him to keep a look out for more interesting wildlife activity; in between all the hard work the team are doing!

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