Bird Watch – Calling Curlews, by Darren Shepherd

Curlew Flying - (Source:

Night and day, the wildlife and birds of the Park live their lives and have their ‘adventures’, and it is worthwhile taking time to slowdown to their pace and just observe.

Today, 9th January, a red kite, with no wing tags, circled overhead.  Many kites have wing tags of different colours,  the left wing gives the place they fledged, and the right the year.   As ours has no tags,  they have either fallen off, or, it is wild.  The kite seems to be in the park regularly now, although, as today, it is frequently harassed by one of the local crows – these and the magpies are now far too numerous for the good of other birds, particularly the songbirds.

A kestrel was also hovering over the fields, and a sparrowhawk was causing angst for smaller mammels as well.

In the sunset, swarms of starlings flew overhead, as they gathered together heading east to roost for the night – a traditional winter sight.

Later, in tonight’s full moon, there was the sound of curlews calling as they migrated overhead, a wonderful sound, hopefully heralding the return of spring.

(Photograph source – Scotland in Colour, free photographs provided by a group of keen photographers who work in IT.)

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