Gates and Sunrise


Mark and Jamie from Pudsey Landscapes

On walking out of the Park along the the Kelcliffe bridleway I happened upon Mark and Jamie from Pudsey Landscapes digging out the farm gate entrance in readiness for creating a generally more welcoming experience. When I approached they were hard at work but paused monetarily to chat and update me with where they had got to. They are expecting to have the gates in over the next week or so.

Steps at Hillside End of Bridleway

As well as good progress on the Farm Gate we commented on the steps going up at the Hill Side end of the Bridleway. I am sure many of you will recall the experience previously associated with this particular entrance. Requiring a physical dexterity usually associated with an Olympic gymnast coupled with  a generous element of good fortune one was always rather relieved to get through unscathed. We now have the foundations laid for a pleasant and gentle descent down well laid out wooden steps. Nice!

Sunrise looking Eastward from Little Kelcliffe

The weekend has brought the clearest and crispest of winter days with a frosty bone hard terrain and clear blue skies. In turn these have brought the most beautiful of sunsets and sunrises. Here is a sunrise snapped yesterday morning from Little Kelciffe looking East towards Guiseley.

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