Secret History

Crompton Parkinson's early 1950's (Source: John Moore)

John Moore, who used to look after Parkinson’s Park for Crompton Parkinson, called to see his old stamping ground today to explain some things that have puzzled us.  He brought a picture dating back to the early 1950’s, showing a Hillside entrance we did not know about,  the old tennis pavillion repleat with cesspit,  and, we can just make out a little more of the frustrating ‘sheepfold’ entrance which was also called “old man’s corner” because of the seats in it.

The line of trees shown going up to the copse  is something we want to highlight a little more in the wooded area.  And, John confirmed, that when the car park was built Aireborough Council did asked for more trees to be planted in that area.

The picture is also a window on to the memories that people have been digging up about their childhood and youth spent playing in the Park.   It has been revealed on Facebook that for the generation now in their 40’s, the Park was the place for their first ‘snog’.   Whilst, others whisper that many elder children born in Guiseley, and now in their 50’s and 60’s,  might find,  that nine months before they were born their parents possibly had a wonderful night out: with a double seat at the Plaza cinema, followed by a romantic walk under the stars in the Park: it was very popular I am told, before Leeds became a 24hour ‘bright light’ city.   Now, that’s not something you will not find recorded in the church bmd (birth, marriage, death) records !!

About Jennifer Inskip Kirkby

Director and Vice Chair of Friends of Parkinson's Park CIC, Chair of Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum and Facilitator of Inskip One-Name Study. Has a degree in Local History (University of Cambridge), and Economics (University of Leeds). Now retired after a career as a Business Analyst and Advisor.
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