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Oak Canopy & Logs – Questions

The tree work has generated many questions. One recent one is ‘why the oak tree canopy has been cut back, as it was lovely to walk under?’  Answer – It is dead wood that has been cut out of the … Continue reading

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RIP Sycamore

At around 9.40am this morning,  a piercing ‘crack, crack’ echoed across Clapper Brow,  quickly followed by the shout of FALL from Paul Elbourne, of Beechfield Tree Services; then, the sycamore on the edge of the park gracefully fell over; small … Continue reading

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Stop Press – Bellway Permission And Police

Bellway, who own the land,  have now given their go ahead for all the projects on the FOPP list.  The Police will be upping their patrols in the Park now that the evenings are getting lighter; (with full agreement of … Continue reading

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Taming the Copse

We know, from all the feedback we have received,  that the ‘taming’ of the two copses in the Park has been a priority with a lot of people.  The main reason being their use as a ‘drugs den’ (both plastic … Continue reading

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First Friends Meeting – Next Steps

Thank you to all those who came to the first Friends meeting last night.  We hope you found something of interest, and will become a Friend and help build this important part of Guiseley’s ‘philanthropy’ heritage. We are about to … Continue reading

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Mystery – Can You Help

Between 8pm on Monday evening and 7am Tuesday morning,  someone decided that they didn’t like the new handrails on the steps.  Instead of just informing someone of their issue; they kicked the handrail down with heavy, muddy boots.  They then … Continue reading

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Oooo; That Looks Brutal

Unfortunately several trees in the Park,  mostly the horse chestnuts,  are dying.   Instead of felling them,  it has been decided to ‘manage the decline’, and carry out a form of pollarding.   By taking out a lot of the head and … Continue reading

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