Sledging on ‘Suicide Hill’

Sledges at the top of 'suicide hill'.

With perfect timing the snow arrived in time for a snug evening watching England win the Calcutta Cup, followed by a Sunday morning of fun sledging in the park;  a ‘choice’ weekend for some !!   At midday,  Great Brow slopes were at their slippery best, and people gathered from near and far – some borrowing children to ‘legitimately’ take part in the fun.

The Park has always been popular in the snow, but over the years the location of the sledging slope has changed.  In the 1950’s, it was mainly on Clapper Brow (the other side of the park to today’s fun) with the younger children sledging down the gentle path towards the wood; only the big boys went on ‘suicide hill’ (the very steep hill, now with the Bellway fence

Waiting for a clear run on Great Brow

at the bottom) or  the ‘snowdrop run’ on Great Brow.    Clapper Brow was still the popular place to go in the 1980’s,  with the long run at the bottom towards the bowling green, making it a good ride.   Now, however,  with fences and trees having sprung up,  the main hive of activity is the steep slope of Great Brow,  with a few intrepid children still trying their luck on ‘suicide hill’ – although with the fence at the bottom it really is a case of being very careful.

If you have any good photographs of today’s fun,  do let us know and we’ll put them in the picture gallery.

About Jennifer Inskip Kirkby

Director and Vice Chair of Friends of Parkinson's Park CIC, Chair of Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum and Facilitator of Inskip One-Name Study. Has a degree in Local History (University of Cambridge), and Economics (University of Leeds). Now retired after a career as a Business Analyst and Advisor.
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