Mystery – Can You Help

Tyre Tracks in the Bank

Between 8pm on Monday evening and 7am Tuesday morning,  someone decided that they didn’t like the new handrails on the steps.  Instead of just informing someone of their issue; they kicked the handrail down with heavy, muddy boots.  They then threw the handrails to the bottom of the steps.  Meaning, of course, that the steps are now less secure for the older people who use them to get into the Park.

The mystery is, however, that besides the wrecked posts are tyre tracks from a not-very-big,  four wheel vehicle.  Now,  how long has it been since a vehicle went along Kelcliffe Lane?  This track went from Hillside all the way along to Oxford Avenue.   The vehicle, at some points, mounting the side banks at an angle. The police have been informed,  and have examined the tracks.  If you have any more information that can pinpoint a time, or any other factual information about this incident, please will you let us, or the police know. If you have any issue with the Park,  again,  let us know.

Thank you to all those people who contacted Bellways or ourselves, so that anything causing a danger could be dealt with swiftly.

About Jennifer Inskip Kirkby

Director and Vice Chair of Friends of Parkinson's Park CIC, Chair of Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum and Facilitator of Inskip One-Name Study. Has a degree in Local History (University of Cambridge), and Economics (University of Leeds). Now retired after a career as a Business Analyst and Advisor.
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