Bird Watch – See What You Missed!! by Darren Shepherd

Grey Heron. (Source: J J Harrison)

Well, the Jubilee picnic is over and its time for the latest installment of bird watch. The bird watch event at the picnic, didn’t last very long I’m afraid, as other activities took centre stage; we’ll improve the signage next time.  Let me know below,  if you are interested in coming along for an hour or so and I’ll organize another.

During the short space of time that the Jubilee picnic bird watch was running, we managed to see some exciting birds. It started with a ‘sparrowhawk’ overhead at 2.20pm spotted by a Mr B Shepherd (my Father).  A common buzzard could be seen soaring over the “High Royds” area around the same time.  Then at 2.30pm a large grey heron flew over the park heading towards Guiseley – missed by most picnic goers.  All the while swifts, swallows, house and sand martins hunted around the vicinity of the park.  The constant singing of the ‘chiff-chaff’ was nice to hear and provides evidence of probable breeding. The final bird spotted by a sharp eyed Richard Thackray, was  a female “sparrowhawk” probably feeding young nearby.

Other birds of note seen recently near the Park,  have included a family of greenfinches visiting with four youngsters: this is very good news, as this species has suffered a serious decline in the last few years due to ‘trichomonosis’,  a parasite that lives in the birds digestive tract and renders it unable to swallow and so it dies. House sparrows are bringing young into the garden to feed.  A beautiful male ‘bullfinch’ was in the garden last night: and a ‘whitethroat’ is taking up residence nearby and has been heard singing for a mate from the top of the splendid hawthorns in the Park.  A red kite is patrolling the park again from time to time, but is being seriously harrased by a pair of ‘oystercatchers’,  which must have young nearby: but, just where I am not sure.

A report of a ‘zebra finch,  in a garden on Hillside yesterday, reminded me of a time we had a ‘village weaver bird’ on our bird table, a taste of Africa.  If you have any unusual sightings or help needed with birds or projects, do ring me on 07973 698628.

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