Hotel Bug – the madness continues unabated

Hotel Bug – clearly visible above the cut hawthorn

In an audacious move characterised by a typical disregard for local opinion, another construction has appeared in Parkinson’s Park with little discussion, consultation or general consideration for community views. Lying but a few meters from Hotel Scarabee a similar hotel named “Hotel Bug” has appeared almost overnight. It is predicted that this latest building will attract a variety of insects which will in turn give rise to other inhabitants such as birds and bats. The already overstretched infrastructure of nearby trees and shrubs will be subjected to further demands as winged insects and other creatures look for food and recreation. A local resident speaking on behalf of the neighbourhood said “I remember when this was full of litter, glass and barbed wire. We knew where we were in those days. This is just pure madness”. The new hotel opened with live bands rocking the night until the early hours. Mc Fly headlined with  a medley of tracks from the Bee Gees and the Beetles. As the dust gradually settles on this new development residents wait and watch to see what comes next. There have been rumours of small boxes going up designed specifically to attract bird and bats. All we know is that the development machine moves on and no one is safe!

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  1. Ken Roberts. says:

    Well written, I had a good laugh.

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