Tree planting in the sunshine

A loyal band of local people met in the park on a cold Sunday to help create a community orchard for Guiseley.  It was a frosty morning but the sun was shining and soon warmed the ground – and us.

Briefing the troops

After a quick briefing by Josie about how to give the trees the best start, the volunteers dispersed and began digging.

It was quickly discovered that the ground towards the bottom of the park was incredibly compacted, full of rubble and water logged.  So the majority of the trees were planted further up the park above Greenshaw Terrace.

Digging and digging and more digging....Fifteen trees in total were planted which included 10 apple trees, 3 pears and 2 plum trees.  These include Bramley, Red Devil, Lord Derby, James Grieve, Egremont Russet, Ribston Pippin and Discovery apples; Concorde, Conference and Invincible Pears and Jubilee and Laxton’s Plum.

The trees were delivered by a local Leeds nursery on Friday as bare rooted plants so needed to be planted quickly before they dried out.  Each tree was staked and fitted with a mulch mat to reduce the likelihood of grasses strangling the tree and reducing its growth.

Thanks go to Ben, Chris, Sue, Steve, Martin, Barbara, Jane, Nick, Jenny, Darren, Millie and Josie’s family.

Lets hope that the trees do well in their new homes and produce lots of fruit in the future.  Any help with watering when the weather warms up would be gratefully received.

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An ecologist and wildlife enthusiast. Aspiring writer of children’s picture books, often with an animal related theme. Working on a couple of novels, one historical and one contemporary.
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