Bog Garden for the Park

bog-garden-01 bog-garden-03 bog-garden-02On the 30th August the installation of the Bog Garden took place. It was a warm sunny day and we were very fortunate to have the input from a group called Open Country who drew up the plan and the planting regime for the garden.

They arrived mid-morning with their helpers and also with a corporate group from the Department of the Environment who had volunteered for the day and were aiming to bring the Garden to completion in one day.

Everyone set to work digging out the area, then laying the liners and filling in the area with plants suitable for the setting.

In all 16 helpers were involved and were kept going with refreshments provided by FOPP.

The garden is situated down near the Netherfield/Nethercliffe entrance to the park. Nick and Open Country will be back to do further work later this month and have agreed to make occasional visits to undertake any maintenance work.

We were very fortunate to receive funding from the Northern Horticultural Society and from Meadfleet and we offer our thanks for their support.

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