NEWS UPDATE – Park Maintenance and Events

Just a few updates on ‘happenings’

Forest School

Last Sunday’s Forest School for the Little Friends of Parkinsons Park went very well.  The day was lovely and Amanda Newham from Chevin Forest School brought lots of activities for the 19 youngsters to do – all related to the natural environment.   We will be looking to hold more such events in the Park in the Future.  Photo by Liakat Parapia.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Further to the issue with bonfires being lit in the Park.  The Police have now been notified and will follow up several lines of enquiry we have given them.  In addition,  FOPP attended the Guiseley and Rawdon Forum meeting on Wednesday 17th May, to talk to the Police and Local Councillors about the issue.

The Police informed us that there is a ban on drinking within the parks in Guiseley including Parkinson’s Park: and that they will be patrolling in the Park more regularly. They added that the ban was due to be expanded to drugs!!   One lady also that she had seen torches in the Park late at night and heard gunshots; this was a surprise to many; has anyone else heard gunshot?

Aireborough Housing Needs Survey

Local groups are being asked to promote a Housing Needs Survey being run in Aireborough by Leeds City Council.  The intention is to use the information to look at development plans.  Currently Leeds City Council are planning 70,000 net houses, across the City by 2028, but they know this is now way over the actual need, so are trying to establish the true situation by area.   Aireborough is one of the housing areas they are looking at, and has a lot of new residents (especially around Parkinson’s Park),  as well as having a target for 2,300 houses by 2028, so it is important to try and get accurate information.   Details of the survey are here. Some people may have got a paper copy mailed to them, for others fill in the online form, you do not need an ID number.

Park Maintenance

Parkinson’s Park is owned by Bellway Homes; residents of the Bellway development pay an annual maintenance sum of just over £140 per house (currently) to look after the green space on the Bellway estate.  The maintenance is organized by Meadfleet, who plan what will be done for the residents and contract the work to Continental Landscapes.  Meadfleet consult with FOPP over the basic maintenance (mowing and tree-work) of the Park : new features of the Park eg bog garden, community orchard are organized and paid for by FOPP with the permission of Bellway.

This year, the mowing regime that has been discussed and planned for the Park is for at least one mow per month and two per month in the Summer.  The initial mows were a full cut, but as the grasses and wild flowers grow the cut will be full on the top, flat, Little Kelcliffe area (see picture) where the events are held, and paths through the grass in other areas that are mowed.   The idea is to reduce unwanted weeds and grasses, make it easy for dog owners to keep the Park tidy,  and encourage the finer grasses and wildflowers.

Meadfleet pay more attention to the green space around the houses than the Park itself.  That is feature of the landscape plan signed off as part of the planning permission for the Estate.  One area they are concentrating on improving this year is the land on the ‘mound’ at the back of the estate where the old car park used to be.  The area has got unsightly since planting several years ago, with broken trees, rubbish, and undesirable plants appearing.  Therefore, there will be more intensive mowing and remedial work this year to improve its condition.

Upcoming Events

We have an upcoming Coffee Morning on 3rd June to raise funds for the Park.  Our thanks to Solicitors Whitaker Firth for hosting that.

We are now planning the Children’s Gala for 3rd September, if you would like to help or take part please contact us on



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Director and Vice Chair of Friends of Parkinson's Park CIC, Chair of Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum and Facilitator of Inskip One-Name Study. Has a degree in Local History (University of Cambridge), and Economics (University of Leeds). Now retired after a career as a Business Analyst and Advisor.
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