The central aim of the Friends of Parkinsons Park is to ensure a well-maintained public ‘landscape’ park that honours its social, cultural and environmental heritage.   Frank and Albert Parkinson (F & A Parkinson Ltd ) brought the land in 1936/37 and established a Park for the employees of Crompton Parkinson and the people of Guiseley: they saw themselves as “trustees’ of their ‘possessions”,  and determined to use them for the public good.  This is the inheritance FOPP  will continue. More on the History of the Park is here.

Friends of Parkinson’s Park was formed in October 2011 to save the Park from degeneration, and vandalism.  From 4th March 2016 they registered the group as a Community Interest Company  Friends of Parkinson’s Park CIC, incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 (Registration Number 10044868) and regulated by the Community Interest Company Regulator.  A list of Directors of the Company is here.

The purpose of FOPP CIC and the Park is to continue the work of Frank and Albert Parkinson to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Aireborough:

  • to provide a facility to improve physical and mental health
  • to inspire personal growth,
  • to act as a means for bringing people together.

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  1. Tom Bliss says:

    Hi folks – would you like to become part of Feed Leeds? We’re the city-wide version of Incredible Edible, which gives critical mass to the many local groups and projects.


    Meeting today as it happens, but we can catch up whenever..


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