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Park Improvements – Bog Garden and Orchard – Can You Help?

The Bog Garden near Nethercliffe has now undergone a complete overhaul by Open Country.   The issue with the liner has been addressed and some new soil put in.  Then, plants such as Ragged Robin, Water Aven, Yellow Flag Iris and … Continue reading

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A New Outlook For The ‘Old Man’s Seat’

In the top corner of the Park is a bench which was put there to replace one that was there for decades.  It was called ‘Old Man’s Seat’ as it was a favourite with local older residents, who used to … Continue reading

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Join the Park Watch

More trouble in the Park last night, with the Fire Brigade called out to extinguish a fire by the top bench.  (Which cost the ‘tax’ payer.) Happened around 10.40pm last night (Sunday 5 Feb 2017).  Two ‘adults’ with torches heard … Continue reading

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New Community Post Facebook Page

We’ve just started a Facebook page for members to post their own photos, memories, experiences, ideas and information on and relating to the Park and Crompton Parkinsons.   If you are a Facebook user just search on Parkinson’s Park – and … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s Park Crime and Order

Crime in the Park We are very sorry to report that Criminal behaviour is increasing in the Park especially to do with drugs, arson and general destruction of Park features from gates to trees.   The Police have been notified and … Continue reading

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What the Red Kite Sees

Parkinson Park – Guiseley from Robyn Penketh on Vimeo. We have been given an interesting short film by photographer Robyn Penketh who lives on Hillside Avenue.  Robyn has used a quadcopter with a GoPro camera attached.

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Park Maintenance Update

Five foot high grass,  an ugly clay mound that would not look out-of-place in a mining district,  and dog excrement everywhere, is not exactly what the Friends had in mind for the Park in 2014.   Since last  year we have … Continue reading

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