Management Plan and Projects

The Parkinson’s Park Management Plan is organized by Meadfleet in consultation with the Friends of Parkinson’s Park.  The aim is to enhance the range of natural habitats as outline in the ecology section,  and balance this with use as a green space by the local community,  whilst discouraging anti-social behaviour such as drug taking and dog fouling.

The Meadfleet Land Management Team 

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Funding for the basic maintenance of the Park (eg grass cutting, hedge cutting, tree maintenance and gate repair) comes out of a modest, fixed, sum put aside for the purpose from the annual charge made by Meadfleet to residents of Edison Fields.  Funds paid by the estate residents primarily maintain the green space in the estate itself.

Funds for the enhancements and improvements to the Park done by the Friends come from money raised at events, sponsorship,  help from Local Councillors and Grants – together with the time and effort put in by the Directors , Committee and Members of FOPP.

Current Management Plan

Below is the current management plan agreed between Meadfleet with input from FOPP.

Parkinson’s Park Managment Plan

FOPP Projects and Maintenance Work

Many of the projects have been done by FOPP members.  Open Country, who help people with disabilities to access the countryside, also visit the Park regularly to do work on these projects and maintenance such as cutting back overgown ‘thug’ weed areas. 

We  encourage Friends to take on the regular maintenance of different areas they are interested in themselves eg work on the community orchard, or around the entrances.  There are posts about all these projects on the website,  you can use search on the right hand side of the page to find them.  If you are interested in helping contact us on

Jubliee Walk Hedgerow – grant  from Woodland Trust
Hedge Laying –  funded by Bellway Homes
Benches – personal donations and grants from Local Councillors
Dog Bins – provided and emptied by Leeds City council
Farm Gate Wildflowers – grants from various organizations
Farm Gate Herbs – Incredible Edible Aireborough
Great Brow Acid Grassland Enhancement – RHS grant for heather
Entrance Improvements – Individual FOPP Members
Bulb planting – from bulbs received from Groundwork each year.
Hibernaculum – local students and scouts (now destroyed !!)
Dry Stone Wall MaintenanceOtley Dry Stone Walling Association
Community Orchard – grant  from Leed Inspired, LCC
Bog Garden – grants  from Northern Horticultural Society and Green Leeds
Woodchip paths – woodchip donations and grant from Green Leeds
Bird & Bat Boxes – donations from Brooks Ecologicial and Meadfleet
Interpretation Boards – Heritage Lottery Fund and Ark Display

The wildflower, tree and shrub areas at the bottom of the Park were planted by Bellway as a condition of their planning permission.  There is a plan by Meadfleet to continue enhancing this area.

Paths – there are future plans to enhance these and provide an accessible path for people with disabilities, and reinstate the permissive path that runs across the bottom of the Park,  when we have found relevant funding.

Greenshaw Woodland – This was planted in January 2020 by Brooks Ecological as a carbon offsetting scheme.  It consists of 100 native trees, underplanted with woodland plants such as primroses.

Benches – in 2020 we lost two of our wooden benches to the weather.  These have been replaced by metal benches in 2021, along with two new metal benches.  The 2021 benches were  purchased with  money raised from private local donors, local councillors, and The Brethren of Harewood Masonic Lodge. Plaques indicating all bench donors are on individual benches. In 2020 some of the private donations were matchfunded from the Government’s Coronavirus Community Support fund via Localgiving.