Outline of the park – may not be exact

Parkinson’s Park sits between Netherfield Road, and Kelcliffe Lane, behind what used to be Crompton Parkinsons and is now the Bellway Estate, Edison Fields.  The park can be approached by parking in the car park on Netherfield Road, and then taking the footpath up by the side of Greenshaw Terrace, turning left just up hill from the houses through a ginnell: this footpath continues on to Oxford Avenue. There is also an entrance on Netherfield Crescent, and eventually the park will be approachable via the new estate.


A more historic route to the park is via the old ‘sunken land’  Kelcliffe Lane – walking from the junction of Kelcliffe Lane with the top of West Villa Road; alternative from the Nursery Road/Hillside end.

There is a path that takes walkers from Parkinson’s Park, up to the Chevin through Bracken End Farm and Fairy Dell.  This is marked on Ordnance Survey maps.

Map of the Park in pdf

Old Photographs of Parkinson’s Park

Parkinson’s Park 1980’s

Parkinson’s Park 1950’s

Parkinson’s Park 1938

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    I can’t seen to find the blackthorn!!

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