Park Improvements – Bog Garden and Orchard – Can You Help?

The Bog Garden near Nethercliffe has now undergone a complete overhaul by Open Country.   The issue with the liner has been addressed and some new soil put in.  Then, plants such as Ragged Robin, Water Aven, Yellow Flag Iris and Water Forget Me Nots have been planted around the edges.  Local residents are keeping the new garden watered in the dry weather,  if you can help with this that would be really useful.

In the recent visit by Alan Thornton from the Orchard Project, he recommended some tidying work for the Community Orchard.  This will be done on the 25th May, at 9.30am.  If you would like to help, please come and join us.

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Development of a 20th Century Park

We have acquired a number of pictures of the Park as it developed over the years.

This is the earliest picture we have of the Park taken around 1926 just before F & A Parkinson merged with Crompton & Co to form Crompton Parkinson’s. The Park is still grazing fields, some belonged to Kelcliffe Farm, and some to Dibb’s a local grocer. You can see the field walls and a small pump house near where the top copse is now – the ground there still gets very wet. The area with the trees was called Clapper Brow with a link to an historic rabbit warren. The large field had been called Potterton Brow after a 16th/17th century tenant.

This is probably the late 1930s (we think 1938) Continue reading

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NEWS UPDATE – Park Maintenance and Events

Just a few updates on ‘happenings’

Forest School

Last Sunday’s Forest School for the Little Friends of Parkinsons Park went very well.  The day was lovely and Amanda Newham from Chevin Forest School brought lots of activities for the 19 youngsters to do – all related to the natural environment.   We will be looking to hold more such events in the Park in the Future.  Photo by Liakat Parapia.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Further to the issue with bonfires being lit in the Park.  The Police have now been notified and will follow up several lines of enquiry we have given them.  In addition,  FOPP attended the Guiseley and Rawdon Forum meeting on Wednesday 17th May, to talk to the Police and Local Councillors about the issue.

The Police informed us that there is a ban on drinking within the parks in Guiseley including Parkinson’s Park: and that they will be patrolling in the Park more regularly. They added that the ban was due to be expanded to drugs!!   One lady also that she had seen torches in the Park late at night and heard gunshots; this was a surprise to many; has anyone else heard gunshot?

Aireborough Housing Needs Survey

Local groups are being asked to promote a Housing Needs Survey being run in Aireborough by Leeds City Council.  The intention is to use the information to look at development plans.  Currently Leeds City Council Continue reading

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Fund Raising – Coffee Morning 3rd June

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The Sound of the Birds

We had a beautiful morning this morning for our walk through the Park with birder Linda Jenkinson of Start Birding  Linda pointed out the different bird calls she heard, and gave us an idea of the differences and how to recognize them.   We also learnt a lot about the ‘life’ of a bird, how it acts at different seasons, and the different types of habitat.  Birds we heard (or saw)

Buzzard circling overhead
Coal Tit
Dunnock – used to be called a hedge sparrow
Willow warbler
Wren, apparently one of the most common birds
Flock of racing pigeons
Wood Pigeon

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Longer Evenings Bring Fire Hazard

Longer nights bring out the people who like to light ‘camp’ fires in the bottom copse and by the top bench.   This is obviously dangerous and to be discouraged.  The park can get dry, there is a lot of trees and scrub,  and it runs very close to the houses on Bellway.   There was an incident last night,  where local residents had to put out a fire lit by a ‘group of lads’,  who also left debris scattered around.    If you see anything that needs reporting to the Police, then call 101 after an event, or 999 during an event.

We have set up Parkwatch so that if people see such incidents they can send out a quick alert and the matter can be dealt with as appropriately and reported.  If you’d like to join Parkwatch email us on   It might stop a serious event occurring that endangers life and property.

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Working Party Saturday 13th May 10am – Noon.

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