Another Year Gone, A New One To Begin

2017 was the 6th year of Friends of Parkinson’s Park. We formed in 2011 when the fields developed by Crompton Parkinson to replace the old Kelcliffe Recreation Ground had grown into such a wilderness that people would not take their children because of the mess.

Our aim was to make the Park useable again; a landscape for local residents to build new memories to treasure.

A lot has been achieved through the ups and downs of the past 6 years with the input of many people. 2018 will hopefully see things develop further with the help of many more.

Happy New Year from
Chris, Jenny, Andy, Nicola, Barbara, Martyn, Josie, Colin and Fran

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Snow – Get The Sledges Out !!

The difficult ‘black’ run

The easy ‘green’ run – with a bump at the end !

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Christmas Wishes To All At Parkinson’s Park

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Lighting Up The Winter Solstice

It’s the taking part that matters at the Friend’s of Parkinson’s Park Lantern Parade,  handcrafts, theatre, music all have a part to play,  not to mention decorating streets and keeping the whole ‘show on (of off as the case may be) the road’.  The 5th Parkinson’s  Park Lantern Parade had all of the above as everyone joined in to light up Guiseley streets for the Winter Solstice and the coming of Christmas, and make a big noise about it.

Children had spent weeks making their individual lanterns, which they proudly paraded,  whilst our special  Guiseley Lanterns depicting Guiseley Wells, de Ward Cross, Theatre Button and Parkinson Clock, emerged out of history to glow once more,  carried by eight strong lantern bearers.

Music included children joining The Sound of the Mills band to improvise on home-made drums (and adults on real ones) to the beat of “where does fabric come from”” the mill”,  whilst at the Town Cross,  Guiseley Brass Band gave the carol singing a warm Yorkshire glow.   This year the Parade was led my Jacob Phillips and friends playing pied pipers in top hat and tails with the seductive call of saxophones.   Then, of course there was the crowd,  joining In the Bleak Mid-Winter, with a dash of Holly and the Ivy and Jingle Bells.

Another successful improvisation this year was decorating the route of the parade – residents on The Birches and Kelcliffe Lane, put out baubles, bunting and tinsel so that bare trees and cold bushes burst into glittering life as if in Narnia – one particular benefit of the bounty of charity shops.    In the Park itself there were three decorated advent trees for people to go and add their own decorations during the season, and especially at midwinter on 21st December.

Safety, was a bigger concern this year.  Terrorist attacks in towns meant that this had to be considered on the risk assessment.  Nine marshalls as well as two PCs, worked in relay to watch out for cars, and keep the road and cross area free.  A ‘bomb’ sweep was done before the parade started in the shadow of the Lily light especially commissioned this year to remember Wendy Fawell who was killed in the Manchester Terrorist attack in May .

Christmas would not be Yule without the plentiful supply of food and drink, and the Paraders indulged in scrummy little buns and mince pies made locally,  whilst The Station helped provide the mulled (non-alcoholic) drink – all served by the Friends.

Improvisation can take a lot of organizing, and the Parade pulls in the skills and time of a wide range of local people all doing something along the way – all the local Churches played a part, along with politicians, mums groups, groups of residents, the Police, local clubs or various kinds, ex Crompton Parkinson staff, photographers, musicians, woodchip layers, shops, community arts group Codswallop and Friends of Parkinson’s Park.  Funding was provided from donations gathered during the year, as well as small donations and grants from local Councillors and Green Leeds.

We’d like to thank everyone for the part they played to making this another successful year, and we look forward to bigger and better next year; so thinking caps on, what can you add to the Parade next year – let us know?

The Friends of Parkinson’s Park wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Good New Year.

Photography from,  Liakat Parapia, Darren Sanderson and Jennifer Kirkby.  More video snippets and pictures on the Parkinson’s Park Facebook page.



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Lantern Parade Update


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Lantern Parade Route – 2017

Here is the route we will use this year for the Lantern Parade led by our special feature Guiseley Lanterns made by Lucy Phillips. As Kelcliffe Lane has been upgraded, we’ll exit via the Farm Gate – this should be easier and stop the bottle neck at the Oxford Road entrance.

The parade starts off at 4pm prompt from the Park with the lead lanterns and band, but you are welcome to join at any point, or at the Town Cross.  Bring your own lanten to light the way, and if you’d like to ‘play’ in the Sound of the Mills band don’t forget the workshop this Friday at 6.45pm.

Please pick up a carol sheet in the Park, and return it at the end to the FOPP table at the Town Cross.

Some of the resident on the route will be decorating their garden with lights especially for the Parade.

We’ll halt the parade at Kelcliffe Mount for a few minutes to allow for people to cross the road and keep up with the sound of the band.

There will be a number of marshalls in hi-viz jackets to help keep the parade safe – there will also be first aid and a fire blanket available if needed. Speak to a marshall.

We’d ask if all cars parked on the road on the route could be moved elsewhere between 4 and 4.30pm on Sunday 17th. The parade keeps to the pavements and we do not want any damage to either parked cars or participants.

If it is pouring with rain, we’ll move the parade to St Oswald’s church – please keep an eye on our website and Facebook for any updates.

Refreshments will be served at the Town Cross and there will be a collection at the end, which always goes to the next year’s Lantern Parade.

Finally, Darren Sanderson will be taking photos of the parade which we use on the website. If you do not want to be photographed, please tell him on the afternoon.

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