A New Outlook For The ‘Old Man’s Seat’

In the top corner of the Park is a bench which was put there to replace one that was there for decades.  It was called ‘Old Man’s Seat’ as it was a favourite with local older residents, who used to wander along the land on  a summer’s evening and watch the sun set in the West as they discussed the ‘goings on’ of the day.

Unfortunately,  this secluded bench has also attracted other undesirable activity recently; people wanting to make their own ‘fire’ in the dark,  using the Park’s fittings. So,  we have opened out the area for security,  as it is now more visible from surrounding houses. Continue reading

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Launch of Little Friends of Parkinson’s Park – 18th March 2017, 10.30am

Next week we launch Little Friends of Parkinson’s Park with their first ‘get together’.

Back in the Autumn local mothers’ Karen Horwood and Becky Prosser took up our offer of planting some daffodil bulbs in the Park with their young children.  They enjoyed this so much Karen and Becky suggested setting up ‘Little Friends of Parkinson’s Park’ .  In Karen’s words “we had a great time simply getting together with the kids, getting them muddy, helping them contribute to the park in a way they could see grow and develop; we wanted to be able to extend this to other parents and children, and know of others who are keen to come together in this way. ” Continue reading

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20170206_151524Following discussion with the Police last week, we talked with the maintenance company today about ways to make the Park more ‘secure’, and open out parts that are proving ‘troublesome’. For example, we are looking at lowering the hawthorn bushes in front of the top bench to open it out.

We have got a number of other jobs that need doing this year to make the park look loved and cared for – so watch out for news of working parties. This will cover items such as
a) pruning the community orchard,
b) ring barking old trees threatened with ivy,
c) stone wall repair
20170206_152712_1487081988383d) strimming tussocky grass caused by dog’s doings !!
e) strimming the community orchard
f) weeding the herb garden
g) planting the bog garden
h) replacing the handrails on the Hillside steps
i) planing down and oiling the two wood benches
j) litter picks

If there is anything you would like to do in the Park to improve it email us on parkinsonspark@gmail.com. All help very welcome, and the more hands the better.

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Join the Park Watch

16508744_10154485448424601_1780858265973960000_n More trouble in the Park last night, with the Fire Brigade called out to extinguish a fire by the top bench.  (Which cost the ‘tax’ payer.)

Happened around 10.40pm last night (Sunday 5 Feb 2017).  Two ‘adults’ with torches heard and seen going off towards Hillside.     The incident has been reported to Police on 999 who have a crime log – any further alert should be reported to them.

The incident was initially reported to the Fire Brigade by people on Nethercliffe who saw the torches and could hear talking – thank you to them for acting quickly. Continue reading

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Many Incidents of Arson Suspected in Guiseley This Week

20170205_105247Well, we’ve had Candlemas this week, the mid-point between the shortest day and the spring equinox, so Spring is on its way; with lighter nights and hopefully all those daffodils planted last year bursting through and bringing joy to the heart.

What does not bring so much joy though, is the increasing vandalism and suspected arson in the Park – and in Guiseley in general.  We, the community as a whole need to tackle this, and quickly.

Today, we had a report by a dog owner of a ‘snare’ left in some branches near a path: snare, saw or garotte, the sharp implement was  hidden, quite possibly deliberately,  in fir-tree branches and put by the top path in the Park for dogs, children, wild animals or adults, to injure themselves

Saturday 4th February 2017

fb_img_1486287389406 20170205_104049-1

Piecing together the story: around 11.10pm on Saturday night a group of young people were seen with torches on Kelcliffe lane and in the Park, near the tall fir trees by the Park Gate.  They were sawing off branches of the fir-tree – badly; possibly using the implement later found.

The branches were taken to the area near the top bench, where there was an attempt to start a fire with any wood that could be found.  Three tins of Bull Brand lighter fluid was found (is this sold around Guiseley?) as well as an unrecognized plastic bag and lots of rubbish and mess.20170205_104904 20170205_104747 20170205_105414

Other Suspected Arson Attacks in Guiseley

This comes on top of a week of arson attacks,  on Oxford Road Junior School,  The Football Club and the bins behind Next on the Retail Park.   Apparently the fire brigade have been called out many times this week to attempts to start fires there.

In addition,  a week or so ago,  the new bird table in the Park was burnt to the ground, following the ‘two insect hotels’ before Christmas, and an increasing amount of damage being done to trees through the breaking of branches.


20170205_102608The Parkinson’s Park Committee is meeting with the Police this week – to discuss the action we will take.  If you have any ideas to put forward, please give us a call or email parkinsonspark@gmail.com.  We would be grateful for any evidence that anyone can give – all little bits of information can help build up the picture.  In addition,  please let us know (as well as the Police 101)  if you see anything at all suspicious – call, email, Facebook.

For the moment, we are not going to clear up the mess until we have an action plan for tackling this issue – we will leave it as is.  Please be vigilant in the Park and watch out for broken glass and other debris that could cause an accident.


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10320434_10207079597763815_5638762537637499641_nThe Friends of Parkinson’s Park would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a good New Year.

2016 saw a big step taken as we became a Community Interest Company; in addition we  expanded our community events, and enhanced the Park with the bog garden.  But we are suffering from increasing vandalism, and 2017 will be a year to try and find solutions.  The New Year will also hopefully see another important year in the development of the history of the Park.

We look forward to working with everyone in the New Year to provide, maintain and enhance this vital community area.

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15621877_1406668229343175_2370300987146395584_nA while ago, a group of us bemoaned a fall off in ‘community fuddles’; the Yorkshire way where everyone bringing something to the party. So many new houses, so many new people – Guiseley was changing, and it needed a ‘fuddle shot in the arm’.

That was the seed from which the Lantern Parade grew. Whilst other towns put on a spectacle FOR people to watch, we wanted a spectacle WITH people; everyone bringing something to the party.

So, yesterday we had the impromptu children’s choir, cheering ‘We Three Kings’ and belting out Jingle Bells with gusto. When I asked the residents of Kelcliffe Lane, if it would be possible to move their cars between 4 -4.30pm everyone did so quite happily.

15541407_10210116608527186_5710196321736327995_nOur usual drummer leader lost his drums in the Drummond Mill fire and had to cancel late in the day, so Jacob Phillips and Ben Lawrence stepped in to organize the Sound of the Mill Band – of local people. At the other end of the generations Guiseley Brass Band bring that wonderful Yorkshire element to the singing.

The Guiseley Landmark Lanterns were designed and made by Lucy Phillips and family, whilst Richard from the Station Pub and Scott from the Factory Workers Club stepped up to help provide the refreshments. Continue reading

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