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Parkinsons ParkParkinson’s Park sits on the hillside behind the old Crompton Parkinson site on Netherfield Road: access is via entrances on Kelcliffe Lane, Greenshaw Terrace, Parkinson Way, Nethercliffe Crescent and Hillside Avenue.  This historic area was given to the people of Guiseley to use as a park by Frank & Albert Parkinson in the 1930’s: it has been used for walks, play, and events ever since .   Now owned by Bellway Homes, basic maintenance is done by Meadfleet   The Friends of Parkinson’s Park CIC (FOPP) was set up to once again make the Park an attractive green space for community use and events, whilst helping to manage its varied natural habitats.    On these pages you can read the history, examine the ecology and sign up to follow and comment on progress – as well as tell us your own stories of the park.

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We are taking the opportunity to do things a little differently this year, but, rest assured, Parkinson’s Park will still be anticipating the Advent season and celebrating Christmas. More news of the ‘main Christmas event’ to come soon.

For Advent there will be the Advent trees (the two silver birches on the top field). From 1st December, this is for the whole community to add your own decorations. The more seasonally colourful the better to banish grey days.

As this year is a little ‘special’, not to say historic it would be lovely to see decorations that mean something to different individuals, but which en masse show how we’ve all come together to help each other and make the best of things.

Friends of Parkinson’s Park look forward to celebrating Christmas with you all.

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We are pleased to announce that four new benches will be fitted in the Park in the New Year. This will allow more people to use the Park for picnics, reading books, talking with friends and contemplating the view.

One bench near the Farm Gate entrance will be designated as a ‘natter bench’. These are becoming popular in many Parks throughout England and encourage people to start up conversations with each other. This is especially important at the moment with increased loneliness, isolation and depression.

The money has been raised from private local donors, local councillors, and The Brethren of Harewood Masonic Lodge. Plaques indicating donors will be on individual benches. Some of the private donations were matchfunded from the Government’s Coronavirus Community Support fund via Localgiving. 


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The FOPP Poppy Appeal raised £30.24 for the Royal British Legion We’d like to thank everyone who contributed together with Barbara Winfield, Eleanor Thomson, and Becky Prosser for making the poppies for the Farm Gate display.

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Remembrance Day 2020 – Poppies In The Park

Due to the current situation, public Remembrance events are not taking place, and it looks as if the new Lockdown regulations will also mean Churches cannot hold public services – except as on line events.

We therefore thought we would put up a poppy display in the Park. Our idea is to have a poppy blanket draped over the Farm Gate with the same look as these ones in Rawdon St Peter’s (see picture). It will not be as detailed as this, as there is not a lot of time to organize, but this is the rough idea

Poppy ‘Blanket’s in Rawdon St Peter’s

If you would like to make a poppy yourself and put it on the blanket it will be on the gate from Friday afternoon 6th November – just add it with a tie. There is a knitting pattern ; here – apparently they only take 20 min to make – if you can knit that it.

We were also thinking about how to use this to raise funds for the British Legion Poppy Appeal 2020. And may leave a donation box by the gate.

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Friends of Parkinson’s Park have been successful in being accepted onto the Localgiving CV Matchfunding Scheme.

The objective is to support people in communities to connect with each other and work together to enhance wellbeing. We are thus raising funds for activities and features in the Park that different people can work on that will benefit the local community eg we are planning to dress different areas of the Park for Christmas for local families to visit in their own time. We also want to do more work to develop the Willow Walk as a fun area for childrens play

The scheme will run over two weeks from 27th October to 9th November – or until funds run out..


Localgiving will match any donations made via localgivng page between 10am Tuesday 27th October, and 9.59am Tuesday 3rd November up to a donation value of £75. Only one donation per person is allowed.

Example: If you make a donation of £20 the Park will get £40 less a handling fee. We will get a little extra if you gift aid the donation.


The following week, 3rd- 9th November the donations made that will be matched rise to a £5,000 limit.

Our Local Giving Page is here

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Back in August 2020 we received an email from the Leeds Parks Forum; ITV Calendar were looking to “tell the story of quirky, interesting, pictorially stunning areas which are spaces valued by the locals and those who visit“. We knew we met that criteria and sent in some information to producer Mark Witty.

We soon got the response that Mark wanted to make a film of the Park as one of four in Yorkshire for his Park Life feature on Calendar. He was particularly interested in the story of the Park being founded by F & A Parkinson, later part of Crompton Parkinson in Guiseley.

So, on a slightly damp late August day the filming took place – presenter was weather man Jon Mitchell, who certainly could keep us all informed of exactly when it was going to rain – almost to the second !!

We’d managed to get two people to be interviewed who really knew the Park, Barbara Winfield, whose father Norman Winfield had worked at Parkinsons all his life; and David Myers, an ex employee who has also made a number of films about Cromptons. To bring things up to date Mark also did short interviews with the Friends and also users, who agreed that the Park had been a ‘sanctuary’ during the events of 2020 – as well as at other times.

The Park is there became of the care Frank and Albert Parkinson took of their employees, and also the local area. It continues to be there because they inspired later generations to save it. A hope that had been made at Frank’s funeral in 1946’s in Guiseley Methodist church.

‘ We hope his life will be an inspiration to future Guiseley Boys and Girls’

You’ll find their story here

The Calendar ITV feature is here.

Our Facebook Group for all your personal stories of the Park is at Facebook Parkinson’s Park Guiseley,

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Parkinson's Park and COVID-19

Sorry to send another email on the subject of the virus, but this is an update on FOPP’s response.

We have decided to leave all the gates open, so that people can walk in without touching latches – Martyn Hornsby Smith has done an excellent job for us.

Please keep the gates open – for now.
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Following public health advice from Keep Britain Tidy, this event will definitely run on 29th March, from 10.30an to 12 noon. But we all need to follow hygiene guidelines as follows.

Do not attend a clean-up if you feel unwell or are showing cold or flu like symptoms, stay home to protect yourself and others.

Keep Britain Tidy asks that we undertake our clean-up events in line with the advice being issued by Public Health England (PHE). In particular, participants are asked to use the following guidelines:

  • Wear gloves during the clean-up at all times – washable or throw-away ones are best
  • Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before and after your event
  • Clean and disinfect regularly touched objects, such as litter pickers, using your regular cleaning products
  • Stay at least 2 metres (about 3 steps) away from other people whenever possible
  • Please bring along your own anti-septic wipes or hand sanitises if you have them and want to use them.
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On 8th May we are planning to hold a Picnic in the Park event to celebrate VE Day. However, the spread of COVID 19 and advice to slow down the rate of infection by reducing social gatherings has caused us to rethink this event. It is up to all of us to play a part in stopping the spread.

Therefore, at the moment we are still pencilling the event in for 12noon – 2pm on 8th May. But, we will make the final call on the situation a week before on 1st May.

As we are uncertain as to whether the event will go ahead of not, we will do a more simple affair than we were planning. We’ll decorate the top part of the park with bunting, and create an atmosphere, and if it does go ahead maybe people could dress up in relevant ‘costume’ in something they have already, and bring their own picnic.


We will also take a view nearer the time on whether this event will go ahead on 29th March. If it does, again, it will be a simple affair that keeps contact to a minimum.

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Great British Spring Clean – 28th March

All year round Litter Free Guiseley do a fabulous job keeping our area clean and tidy. The Great British Spring Clean is the day everyone can get out and tidy a bit of their local community, and maybe join Litter Free Guiseley for their regular Sunday morning litter picks. The Park will be organizing a clean up with a special theme on the pleasures and responsibility of dog walking.

National Event, Organized by Keep Britain Tidy
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